Robotic Lionfish With Blood-Powered Batteries Can Swim For 37 Hours!

The Future Of Underwater Life Is Here RoboFish!

A new robotic lionfish can swim around thanks to a synthetic circulatory system, which pumps artificial blood made of battery fluid, around to its various components and motors.

The synthetic blood allows the robot to store 325 percent more energy than if it was carrying a separate battery pack, according toNature News, enough juice to lazily paddle through the water for an impressive 37 hours. While the fish can’t swim very fast or far, its life-giving bloodstream is an impressive example of how mimicking biological organisms could help a new generation of robots become more autonomous and efficient than ever before.

The robotic blood not only stores energy but also replaces the hydraulic fluid that would normally move the bot’s fins. That helps the robot reach a dizzying top speed of 0.1 inches per second, New Scientist reports.

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