Interview with Writer and Director Spencer F. Lee

We talk about his background in film, and his documentary “From The Bridge”.

We talk about his background in film, and his documentary
“From The Bridge”, which is a warp speed ride through the history
and evolution of fandom.

Hosted by George Takei and featuring
in depth interviews with many prominent figures in sci-fi, fantasy,
comics, and fandom in general.

Spencer talks about his relationship with
Kerry O’Quinn writer, magazine publisher, director and producer, who
created Starlog, Fangoria, Cinemagic, and other magazine series.

Also we discuss fandom as a whole, and the positivity of how it encompasses so many areas by bringing people together, and how the fan base is inspired by finding role models in pop culture.

Spencer and I talk about the late great Stan Lee
writer & publisher of Marvel Comics and how his creations along
with the many talented artists involved in the creation process have made a type of timeless modern mythology that resonates with the fans.

In closing Spencer talks about the message of his documentary which
in his own words is love, passion, peace, and bringing people together.

Lastly we talk about Howard Rothman former Lucasfilm Licensing president, that is interviewed and featured in the film. As well as a
legendary piece of history when Starlog creator Kerry O’Quinn introduces the two science fiction titans Gene Roddenberry and
George Lucas on stage at Star Wars Celebration in the mid 1980’s.

For more info visit: fromthebridgemovie.com/ 

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