Interview with actor/podcaster Greg Grunberg

Filmed on location at Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago IL.

In this interview we talk about the various television, and film franchises Greg has worked on, including his role in the NBC television series Heroes as Matt Parkman.

Greg has acted in both the Star Trek, & Star Wars universes. He played Commander Finnegan in Star Trek Beyond, and his character “Snap” Wexley is in the new Star Wars trilogy including the upcoming Episode IX “The Rise Of Skywalker”.

We talk about his friendship with JJ Abrams, his new graphic novel called “Dream Jumper” produced through Scholastic graphics division.

Also we talk about Greg’s podcasts “Corner Stories”, a podcast about small businesses, and “Talk about it!” a podcast that helps individuals with Epilepsy.

Greg is also on the platform called Cameo. If you want a shout out from Snap Wexley follow the link below!


For more info visit:


Media Credits: Kris Skoda, Benji Graham, Garrison Woods

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