Doc Salem Monster Hunter: By Preston Asevedo

Doc Salem hunts down rogue monsters to bring peace and balance to the world, one monster at a time.

Doc Salem is a 48 page full color comic that re-imagines the world of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Also Included an extra 8 pages of gallery art. gives you a total of 56 pages.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein endures the life threatening wounds inflicted by his very own creation. Igor injects him with the elixir of life, which puts him in a state of suspended animation. When he finally awakes many years have passed and times have changed. The world that he knew is long gone and the tables have turned. Monsters have emerged from the shadows and taken over the underworld. Meanwhile, Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a wanted man for his crimes against humanity due to his creation. Victor assumes the guise of Doc Salem to make amends for his transgressions and hunts down rouge monsters that bring death, destruction and turmoil to the world around them.

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